• Mi Casa By 7 (really 13) Beaches

    Peaceful & affordable accommodations in the pristine West Coast of PR

  • Mi Casa Tu Casa 150

    One of the best Guesthouses in the Bronx near mass transit, safe, secure, quaint, and economical.

A Best Place To Enjoy Your Stay

I have had the pleasure of travelling from a very young age. As such I have stayed in a variety of places from family and friend’s homes to motels and hotels throughout the country and in other parts of the world. As such I have learned the meaning of comfort and what a safe and relaxing night’s sleep should be.
Thus, when we developed our two guesthouses in New York City and in Puerto Rico we applied our experience in offering our guests exactly what we always wanted for ourselves, a safe, affordable, quiet relaxing temporary location away from home, but feeling like home.

We invite you to visit and feel welcomed in a home away from home.

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